Ashtar's Introduction

Glory to God

Glory to His creation

Glory to the people who love Him

Glory to the planet Earth

Glory to you all who chose to serve God

I am a light being and so are you. I am the commander Ashtar of the Big Brotherhood of the white Light.

If I am together with you, it is to avoid the destruction of your planet, because God asked me to help you.

We, the Brothers of Light, want to help you to save your earth Gaïa.

We accepted some dozens of years ago, to study the behaviour of the human beings towards their planet and we indeed experienced some surprises, because we could not understand the very little love, which prevailed on Earth. We had to face the feelings of revolt and bitterness before finalising our action.

Indeed we are made of flesh and spirit as you, but our soul has much more force, because from the beginning of our embodiment on our planet, we remembered ourselves.

If we intervene, it is only for a common cause: God's love, which deserves our intervention.

God is in each of you and in each of us, thus irrevocably we are united and we should help each other. At this critical moment of the existence of the humanity, it is you who need our assistance. Fortunately many of you are already conscious, because it is your turn, dear human beings, to become aware of the serious state in which you put your world. We are here to help you become aware and to guide you for a common realisation: the birth of a divine planet rebuilt by your hands.

Your planet deserves it. Too many sufferings ill-treated it since its creation. You did not understand that it was an individual entity and that it deserved not only respect but also love.

It bore year after year not only the negative energies of your feelings and your states of mind, which covered it with a dark and increasingly denser aura, but also all your insults to its own person: deforestation, pollution, building with excess.

Nothing was spared! Even the innermost depths of the planet are soiled. Do you believe that your nuclear attempts remains without carrying on the damage? You are like sorcerer's apprentices, you create energies you are incapable of neutralising, you create medicines which not only kill instead of curing, but carry on their deadly journey once the body is buried, you are totally unconscious.

I do not judge to you, I just notice.

We love you, because the love has been for a long time our remedy to all the inextricable situations. We love God’s creation and we are with you to put back the clocks to the divine hour that is in the timeless, in infinity. If we intervene today, it is lovingly, for you and to give you the possibility to repair centuries of mistakes. You should rather be delighted than be afraid of our intervention. We are here to help you save the inhabitants of this Earth who were led unconsciously to their loss, by centuries of ignorance.

It is now the right time to open your eyes and especially your heart, in order to help each other recover one’s strength.

The teachings within this group of messages are the very basis of your Ascension.

You decided this planet should become a paradise and so did we.

Together we will get to do it. We suggest you to read those teachings and to take part to the group meetings, which will start in May 2003.

Commander Ashtar

15th March 2003

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