Ashtar's Introduction
17th MARCH  2003 meeting  With God, Ashtar Command and the Light Brothers, Patrick, Claudine (Dori), Channelled by Cathy (Hinri)


Good evening, My children,

You are here, I am here, the Light Brothers are here as well as many other Light Beings from other places.

You kept us waiting a little tonight, but it is true that time is not important…

We’re here tonight to tell you about what you can expect for the next few years.

We will start with what’s going on now, in 2003. You have noticed the different opportunities offered to you. This year, many energies are transforming very quickly on earth. Every day, we could even say every hour, the vibratory rate is raising,

Thus what you have experienced on a negative mode a few days ago will be positive now or tomorrow.

You must no longer use old clichés, even with regard to your spirituality, even for what seemed true to you and was true a short while ago.

Starting today, you are Light Beings, you can channel, you can erase your karmic debts, you can use the gifts from the souls on the other side. You can do it, but your belt is still a little too tight. You must loosen this belt which is oppressing you, because it is keeping you in a way of thinking that is no longer yours. Everything is different, everything is changing very quickly. You are in the first row at realising the greatness of the Divine Plan which has been taking place for the last few years, but at a much slower rate, hardly perceptible to you.

You really are Light beings.

We will form a group of workers throughout the world, a group of light workers, to be part of the first wave of souls who will ascend within the next few years; hopefully in about 2 years.

You can be part of it if you choose to. But we know it is your choice and that is why we are here to tell you about it all.

Keep spreading the good news. You must announce the new paradise on earth. We must not be negative about everything that will occur before this event, but we must think about what will come after. Visualise it, think about it, or else you might close up on yourself in fear, worry… despite the light we are sending to you.

You must see what will come after, see the paradise, the Eden, the universal love in the heart of everyone on earth. It’s coming soon. Get ready.

We are here to help you. We would like to ask you if you agree or if you are available for noting several of our messages in order to help those who will be with you in the first ascension wave.

You know a few of them already, it is going very fast, isn’t it?

This union will be beneficial to you as well as to the others, it is wonderful, it is necessary in order for you to be strong together, due to the judgement from other people, since many people still only see the dark and the light they believe come out of their ego, their personality. They are self-centred and do not realise all the good other people can bring them. They think other people cannot bring them anything, but they are wrong.

You will now understand union, you will understand unconditional love between you, human beings. You need it.

You kept to yourselves, thinking it was better to stay alone so you would not be judged or so you would not suffer from others, but this is wrong. Other people are walking in the same direction as you are, and a strength you could never imagine is emanating from you, much more powerful than all the armies in the world.

Remain united and take advantage of this union to help planet Earth go through this delivery without too much pain, the Leboyer method, have you heard about it? No pain delivery, based on inside strength and on the love of the new born to come.

If it’s OK with you, we will work together starting today. As soon as you have questions or doubts, do not hesitate to ask us for explanations.

You will not yet understand everything, but a great part, which will open your mind to the new world. We are there, your Light Brothers are there. There are many of us here to help you with this mission, because it is very important for humanity and for Planet Earth which we love dearly.

Ask your questions.

Claudine : At first, you talked about the vibratory rate, the positive and negative. Can we have more precision?



Oh, our dear sister is always afraid of the negative, we were not talking about it in that sense, it is not in the sense that you understand it. We are not talking about negative spirits, bad spirits as you say in your language. We were talking about the positive and negative within yourself, of how you see your existence, of before, after and the present, particularly the present. It is also true the positive erases the negative. And that is what you must achieve.

Patrick : We have heard about 2012, 2003 but we don’t know exactly…

For a while, we have heard about ascension, about ascended masters, about the Violet Flame, about Ashtar Command.



I am here.

Patrick : Alright… What we have been hearing is new.

Would the principle of Ascension be the next way of spiritual evolution, in a technical point of view, with the physical body leaving the material plan instead of the soul leaving, as we have always been taught.

If we could start with..

More precise question …

Euh... if we compare with what we have been taught spiritually, in a religious way, the word Ascension appears in the Bible, but does not seem to have been understood, I suppose, and the humanity, in the last millenniums, has never imagined that the ascension, the transition, life after death… meant transmuting the physical body in another dimension.



First, you say it is new to you. This is wrong. Read again the texts in the Bible, as you have mentioned, read all the texts you have read before, because this did not speak to you. Now it is coming. You feel differences in yourself, which is why you are showing an interest, as well as many other people. It is easier for you now, because even if you do not really notice it in your everyday life, you are changed, transformed. Your cells are in full progression. Everything is changing within you, not only your mind, your ego, which for that matter has to change the most, but also your body and your soul.

Just tell yourselves this. Ascension has been expected for thousands of years on Planet Earth. Nothing is new. It is coming closer and it speaks to you.

Many of us are there to help you understand this phenomenon called Ascension. We are sending many vibrations on yourselves and on Earth, in order for your mind to open sufficiently and understand.

There are the astral body, the etheric body and the physical body. You have been working for some time at uniting your three bodies so they can ascend. You will be allowed everything then.

We will use a simple language so that our channel can perceive our message without difficulties and so that your mind can understand. To  summarise, you have the possibility of staying here and have astral journeys as some people are already doing. Many people have astral journeys without knowing it. You have the possibility of going on the other side, in the astral plan, with your 3 bodies united, therefore without leaving a trace of yourself on earth, but few people do it because of those staying on earth who would not understand. You will be able to stay on Earth with your 3 bodies and still hear us, see us, as if we were in the same world. You will be able to be in two places at once. We will see you here and on the other side of the planet at the same time. You will be able to do so many things, that it is no use to reveal now, it would take us too long, and it will be for a next meeting.

For now, what is important is what is ahead of us, 2003.

All of you here have had Earth experiences more or less unhappy, rather unhappy and now you are ready to understand the reasons for this existence and why you had to go through such hard experiences, because you are pioneers, the elect. Now we can tell you about it because your suffering is over and you will finally enjoy, be rewarded and it will be your turn to help all the people who will be going through the same kind of pain or other kinds of pain, because your heart has become larger and you have universal love within you. That is the key. The key of all that will occur is Love.

Always keep this love within. Keep your heart open and everything will become easier for you and for those around you.

Have we answered your question?

Patrick : Not completely, still trying to gather the puzzle.

Let us summarise : many groups of elect will ascend, have a training up there with Ashtar Command or the Light Beings, come back on earth in order to explain to the humanity, or those open to the principle of our earth’s evolution, the fact that soon it will be the end of our present world, and that we will have to evacuate during its transition to the fifth dimension, and then come back if it we wish to live with a new society mode, a new state of mind, a new vision, briefly, to create paradise on earth.

The moment we will have to evacuate the earth is 2012, isn’t it ? It’s in 9 years, thus it is tomorrow and it is surprising to be confronted to such a short deadline, confronted to this possibility of evolution. To assimilate and accept this fact, we need time to think about it. I agree that I feel deep down inside that this makes sense, but without any proofs of proofs…

Claudine : Aren’t we going to be seen as a sect? We will deliver the message that is given to us, and I feel that people will think we are a sect. People are so rational, they will think we are out of our mind.

Patrick :... for that, they want to create a group of elect in order to convince, to make miracles, etc… therefore there will be proofs for those who need them.


Can we intervene ? Oh la la, this is unbelievable ! This is also why you were chosen, we know you are motivated by something, that it is very easy for you to express what is on your mind. Let us go back to the subject. 

Your words contain many questions. It would be more simple if you could ask your questions clearly, one after the other, our answers might not be satisfactory.

What you have read, more particularly Patrick, these last few days is the truth. But it is part of the truth. This means for example that the one who will talk to you now, Ashtar, runs part of the divine plan.

There are many of you. Therefore, we will have many plans in the divine plan, with regard to each of you, who are not ready to land on Ashtar’s vessel, as it is the case for Hinri, for example. 



I am, as you would say on earth, an extraterrestrial. I have lived in different galaxies and I am preparing, with my light brothers, the divine plan.

The divine plan includes different plans that lead to the same goal, that is the planet’s renaissance.

If such is your wish, you are welcome on my vessel. It is one of the possibilities for an initiate who will become an ascended master, but there are other possibilities.

You can do the rest with your feet anchored to the ground while listening to the divine teachings.

You can do it by travelling on the other plans and by receiving teachings from the ascended masters.

You can also do it in other galaxies, but since it will not be the case for you, it is no use to tell you more about it tonight.

Thus, many possibilities to learn, to become ascended masters, Universal Love teachers. You have been chosen, elected to be part of the first ascension wave, which will not only be on my vessel, but can be done differently, as explained earlier.

You are part of it, it will not occur in 9 or 10 years, but in about 2 years. Therefore, make your choice. We will explain clearly all the possibilities offered to you so you can make a conscious choice. Remember that you can refuse this mission anytime, but we know you will not refuse it.

About the judgement from others, dear friend Dori, haven’t you been judged for what you have experienced? Don’t you see what people have thought about you? You have overcome it. You will feel very comfortable if people think you are part of a sect. You will not be a sect, as you say, because there will be many of you. Of course, not as many people as the materialists, but many more people than you would expect. In the next few days, in the next few weeks, in the next few months and until the end of the year, you will meet many people who think the way you do.

Get together, it is not a coincidence. You have been elected, chosen. You are wonderful in your new role and you will be very efficient to help others.

It is not from personal interest that you must do it, thinking « I will save myself in 2012 », you will do if first of all for your planet. Despite what you think you understood, the earth will not be a paradise for everyone, it will for you and for those who will follow our teaching because despite the dark zones, you will not be part of it, you will not be reached by them and you will be able, whenever you wish, to come to us for support and energy.

The earth will not disappear, people will not die as you may believe. Our messages might not always be clear or the canal’s perception may perceive them differently, but the earth will keep turning, but differently, with a lot of light. Therefore, the human planet will be rewarded, more beautiful, because of you.

Thank your for listening to me.

Claudine :Why the Planet Earth ?

Patrick :...Hmmm... I think that for the whole universe, the heavy vibrations and negative waves emanating from a planet can be disharmonious. Thus, they will do all they can to rebalance the universe by transforming this source that is emanating negative vibrations.


You are totally right, it is partly because of that. It is true that the earth’s aura makes our auras darker, it is true that we are not touched by this negativity, and most of all by this sorrow emanating from this earth, because you are sad, poor Earthlings, while you could be happy.

There is another fundamental reason that you have chosen on your own,  i.e. experiencing a hard planet, a school, a laboratory as we sometimes call it, but not too often in our messages because we know you do not like this term. You have chosen it yourselves. You chose to live in a laboratory to make experiments, it is the choice of your soul, to elevate more, to benefit from divine rewards. You are part of those who will be rewarded, because you have lived loyally with regard to all the dilemmas, and you are very strong.

This is why we are here with you tonight, because it is people like you we need and you need us to express your unintentional revolts towards your society. Obligations and the --excuse the term-- ridiculous obsessions you have, force you to remain centred on yourselves so that your brothers will not eat you up. It is sad to say, but it is unfortunately the truth.

Fortunately, you are above this all, you are sufficiently revolted and most of you have understood that revolt brings you nowhere. Revolt leads you to resentment, resentment leads you to gangrene, and gangrene leads you to illness. Well, let’s stop crying on your case, your bad experiences are over, though you have not quite realised it.

We are very happy to be among you. This is not a coincidence.

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