With God, Ashtar Command, the Light Brothers, Patrick and our channel Cathy (Hinri)


It is God talking to you. You have felt me. Yes, it is Me, I am happy, I am joyful. You will tell me : "how can you be happy while the war is starting?" I am expecting this question. The humanity, as soon as this type of problem occurs, when a catastrophe, a trouble happens on earth, thinks I am responsible for it. My children, you have chosen this yourselves.

I am happy because, despite the war, despite the forces of the dark, despite the misfortune, the light is starting to triumph. This makes you very sad because you have given your lives for others.

You have understood, we need you, you need us, we are working together, we are united.

I am God, your Father from up above, I am God the friend, the father, the prophet.

We are aware that the planet is far from being what it used to be when it was first created. We will make it become a planet of life and light. We will start everything over again. We are doing it in a very soft manner. There are no other possibilities.

It is for you, for you own good. We will recreate a world of love and peace.



Do you have a problem with me?

Cathy :I agree that the terms command, vessel… I have a hard time getting used to it.

Love is the first word I feel like using tonight to deliver my message. Love, LOVE, AMOUR… All these letters meaning love no longer have values to your eyes, because you use them without taking into account the real meaning of the word LOVE.

I will show you that I am also from the same line, the same divine guideline for this divine plan. If I am here today, it is to tell you about love, that I am your brother, that I love my people as much as I love yours, that I love the entire humanity, that I love the divine creation, both here and elsewhere, I LOVE.

Tonight I will tell you about an issue that comes back often, that many people wonder and will wonder about "where will our three bodies go?"

I have answered this question before, but I will repeat it my way.

You have three bodies, you are united with your three bodies.

We are talking about three bodies to simplify, because we could describe them differently. But we must keep it simple in order to understand its entirety.

When your three bodies are united, they are harmonious, they make the world turn, if we can say so, in the light.

Unfortunately, very often, they are not united.

It is true that, when you were born, your main goal from the beginning was to unite your three bodies, to remember that your soul exists, to remember that your soul had chosen this body.

How to unite your three bodies?

By searching your SELF, your real SELF that is your soul. It was created to lead to the new world. Your soul has lived for thousands and thousands of years, and has known different forms of life. It has gone through experiences that it has chosen to live. Your soul is the pillar of your existence.

It is important that I give you all these precisions, because the goal for your existence is to unite your three bodies. The fact of uniting them can be compared to Ascension.

Ascension does not necessarily mean flying away, levitating or leaving on one of our vessels with your three bodies.

In 2012, many of you will have ascended.

Ascending means to have acquired a sufficient knowledge to teach divine love and to live again on the paradise that God has created.

Thus the work will be done in a progressive way. Though we are presently in a great period of transformation, this will remain progressive.

The world will not disappear. It will not be completely transformed. It will continue to turn. But the human beings will give it its original beauty.

Patrick : Can you tell us, in reference to the Bible, where we can read about the new world?

For now, our channel is not yet very comfortable with the names, certain numbers, etc. We prefer to tell you to refer to the apocalypse and to the last verse of the Bible.

This should be satisfactory for now. 

Patrick : I would like to go back to Ascension, how can we know what our choice is? For example, in my case, what will I choose?

What would your choice be if you had to decide now?

Patrick : The Ashtar Command Vessel

That is exactly what you will do.

The teachings on my vessel will last from 3 days to 6 months depending on the purification left to be done.

Hinri knows it and will wait for you. In her case, she is not enough of an explorer and she will prefer being initiated on earth and continue to take care of her children.

I would like to conclude by saying that you have the force within, that you have chosen this road, and we thank you for it.

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