26th MARCH 2003 meeting  With God, Jesus, Ashtar, the Light Brothers, Lina, Patrick, Claudine (Dori) and our channel Cathy (Hinri)


There are six of us tonight. Therefore I am not alone to represent the intergalactic vessel of the White Light Fraternity.

There is a great number of us, because there are not only the representatives of this vessel, but also, as you have guessed and felt, God, Jesus, who will also talk to you tonight, and many other Light Beings, including your closed ones who have passed away.

I will start by citing Lina, our little mascot. She wants to tell you a brief word, I will let her talk to you.



Mamie, it is me. I love you very very much. I am very happy about the edition of our book. Youpi !!!



It is true that there is an emergency. Why an emergency, will you tell me, if the Earth will keep turning? There is an emergency, since the light is becoming stronger and stronger. This makes us happy. It is now time to be part of it, to illuminate others so this light can become stronger than the forces of the dark which are relatively important on earth. I say relatively because they are getting weaker every day. They are losing their power despite what you might think when you see what is going on around you. You may think the forces of the dark are getting stronger and stronger, but it is not so ; they are fighting the light. They are playing their last card against the dark. It is not a war. It is simply a natural balance to go back to the original state of the creation of Planet Earth : peace, love, beauty, perfume and everything your very restrictive vocabulary cannot describe.

I will tell you about the continuation of the operations. It is very important, so we can go forward in resonance between the sky and the earth.

You must understand that we are united, that we work in agreement with the divine laws, for the well-being, for the sake of your planet which, we wish to remind you, we cherish.

My people have been studying the way you are and act for a long time to see how this earth will evolve, to see whether our intervention is necessary or not.

Unfortunately, this has evolved in the negativity that has taken over.

But do not worry, be happy, we are happy, because now, it is the last assault in the negativity.

Your are, you Light workers, you God Kingdom workers, because that is where you belong, as we do, which is why we are brothers and sisters.

The harmony of the group means first of all that each of you will have their own mission, to illuminate the world’s faith. There will be the mediums who will take our messages through the expression, there will be the visionaries, the clear sighted who will be able to describe the earth in the years to come and most of all after 2012, the era of light. There will be the artists who will represent, in their own ways, the new world, the difficult years you are going through, but always with the light behind. There will also be the thinkers, the dreamers, the intellectual, the politicians, the business men, the small ones, the tall ones, the medium ones, all the different colors to prepare the new world, because at this moment you will be united all together to heal the planet, cherish it and give it its original aspect.

Let us start with your group. To this day, three of you are receiving our preamble messages with your listening, your doubts, your questions, your admiration. Then there will be more of you, because people who are now getting ready to represent us one way or another, as described before, will join you, as well as other groups who are also getting ready. In about 2 months, there will be about 20 of you, united, working at it here in Mauritius. You represent the Love Kingdom in its entirety, and we are part of it.

Starting now you must never forget your choice, but also never forget that you can change your mind, there is no obligation, we will not judge you, we love you the way you are.

But you must be honest in your decisions. We cannot accept in your group someone who has a hard time following, meaning someone who only thinks about their own interest, their well-being, about what others think about them. No, we do not need them. Not in this group of elite that we are putting into place with you.

In about 2 months, you will realize the greatness of all that is taking place now. Hinri is kind of aware of it, because she sees the pieces of the puzzle that are taking place. At this moment, she will no longer be the main mediator between yourselves and us. There will be many other people in this group, -- I would say all of them, even though some of them still will not believe it -- who will be able to hear us.

Each of them will have a master assigned to them, who will deliver their messages to them. Each of them will have their own specialty for the future of the planet, i.e. to open the heart of some people with the same crenel. For example, a very intellectual person will touch the intellectual people, a very natural person will touch those who are very natural also, you know. We understand the people who look like us, with whom we share the categories that we represent better. This can look a little as a sect, but it is not so. An individual who has gone through a hard experience will be attracted by another person who has had the same experience.

Thus, there will be among you enough differences to touch a maximum of individuals and it is this difference that makes the union of your group. You must in no case judge others if they are different ; it is meant to be. You will be different from one another. You will have different perceptions, you will channel, you will hear us, you will feel us, you will see us in different ways. That is the beauty of the difference, it is seeing that we need one another.

All of this to tell you about the group we are preparing here in Mauritius. Slowly, other groups will be formed in other parts of the planet. I repeat, your group is unique and experimental. Do not worry if there are false notes, we must tune our violins too.

With regard to our complicity, our interaction, we will be able to give you a teaching. It is our mission. We will then be available to answer your questions, to help you elevate sufficiently to ascend. Our goal is, in the first place, a spiritual one (depending on the meaning you give this word).

Our specialists will also give you advice (audio, video, etc.) so you can tape us in different ways. This is not for now. We have a type of control tower that we have been preparing for many decades, numerous systems, so you can hear our voices on a tape for example.

Our great master, Sananda, Jesus, will also be available at any time and of course God is the Great Chief of this whole operation.

Thank you for having listened to me for this long period of time.

Before I answer your questions, I will let Jesus talk to you.



I am Jesus, I am called differently as you have heard, but to you I am Jesus and that’s very fine.

I am part of this great human teaching for the renaissance of this planet.

I am here to help each of you individually, upon your request, simply, to make the christic essence enter you, the essence of life, of love.

I am here now, I am not the chief of the operations, I am simply your brother, with you, participating, like you, in these meetings.

I love you.

Cathy : You mentioned lately that once the group would be formed, I would leave for other missions. Will I still be part of this group?



Do you believe that you will leave us at the crucial moment ?

No, you will always be there, you will be part of the group, but you will be resting a little, at least seen from the outside, because you will have a whole lot of things to do.



We estimate that it is too soon to tell you more. Be patient. Everything is perfect. You will heal. We need you on earth. We love you and we are taking good care of you.

Cathy :Are you called « Commander Ashtar » or « Commander of Ashtar ? »



I am called Ashtar. I was given the name Commander because I operate the great White Light Fraternity’s intergalactic vessel. Commander does not have the same sense as the name you are using in your vocabulary. Here the word commander is a Wisdom title. Thus, I reached this status because of the great elevation I have acquired through the milleniums. My brothers are here with me and they each have a title that you would not understand with you vocabulary. I am called Ashtar or Commander Ashtar, indifferently. It is the human beings who have put those two different names on my passport. But my name is Ashtar and you can call me that.

Claudine (Dori) :What do the planets on other galaxies, your vessels, look like?

There are many galaxies, many universes, it is unthinkable for you, for your mind. This is why your souls will soon be free of the weight of your physical bodies and will be able to travel as they wish both on the other plans and towards us.

I could describe the vessel on which we are evolving. Therefore for your curiosity we will do it in a future message. We will describe as best as we can, with your vocabulary, where we live. This will make your worries go away, your fear of coming to us for your initiation.

This is slightly how your planet will become again after 2012, after its renaissance.

Patrick :Must this be spread only in Mauritius or also on the web?

No, of course, it must be delivered to a maximum.

You are on this island so you will reach people who live here. Anyway, this has already reached people, especially with Lina’s book. Remember that she is one of the pioneers in the preparation of Ascension, that she has played a large role in this work. Never forget it. She deserves it. Spread it so it can reach a maximum of people. Because the number of channels who can receive our messages is still small, and they can find comfort in seeing other messages emitted by different channels. It is important because sometimes, they could think « this is too complicated for me ».

But this way, you can bring each other comfort. It is not only here, but on the entire earth that we give out our messages at this moment. Only a small number of channels can hear us, because this compromise with God is particular enough. You will all get the same information, maybe in a different language, as you have understood it, that is not important. The goal is that the teachings must be identical : love, joy, light, trust, hope in this new world and then the preparation for you and for others.

Claudine :You often mention Mauritius. I understand that it has wonderful energies, a beautiful aura, but have you envisaged antennas … in Switzerland … and in other places, so we can transmit your teachings?

All over the world there are channels who can hear us, who have been receiving and spreading our teachings for many years, but for the maximum now.

There are channels all over the world, in each part, and in many regions.

Dori, you will be responsible for forming a prayer group in your region precisely. Do you think it is only for praying, without preparing for what is taking place ? You are part of this divine plan, do not forget it. You will not be part of the group in Mauritius for very long ; it’s normal, since you do not live here. You have your mission to achieve. You will be ready to do it when you get back home.

Mauritius, what a great sample of different people, with different colors, different religions, different cultures. That is the reason why Mauritius is often mentioned in our messages.

Mauritius is a base on which we have been working for many years because we see that a tolerance is possible between totally different human beings. It is not current, we must say. Despite a certain intolerance, it is a country where people accept one another, where they have, in great part, let go of the labels, of the different colors, the different race. They can get along despite their differences. It is a mini laboratory of the entire earth. Mauritius represents Planet Earth in its whole, on a few square kilometers. This is why we, « Pleiadians »  are so interested with this island. Many other things have their importance, but we are not yet authorised to tell you about it. Only God or Jesus will do it. I believe it is not for now yet, except a few snatches conversation.

Everywhere, we are everywhere. That is why we are, as you would say on earth, stressed, but with no palpitations.

Claudine :But in Switzerland, in Europe, don’t we accept all the different ethnic groups?

See what is going on in your country and see what is taking place on a very small surface of the earth in Mauritius. You will get your own aswer.

Claudine :Yes, but…

Do not feel bad from all I am telling you. Mauritius is unique in its style. There will be antennas in Switzerland. Therefore, you will be part of it. It is out of love that we are working with you. We would be sad if you forgot it. Our goal is not to favour a region more than another. We are trying to understand how the human mind functions and Mauritius is an ideal platform because here we find many ethnic groups interacting with one another daily. This case is unique in the world. That is why Mauritius has an exceptionally elevated aura, but it is not the only place in the world. Switzerland is dark enough if you wish to know. We are in no way racists, we are from another galaxy. To us, it can be here or some place else, whichever. We only want the planet to be saved, as well as everyone on it, because we love you.

Claudine :Thank you very much.

A little word to end this meeting.

We will be back in 4 days if it is fine with you. It would be nice if you could start spreading our teachings in order to help others who are asking themselves these questions at the moment.

Our teachings with your group, it is true, starts at the base, because we want to see to take a look at all the problems, all the questions you can have, at the same time spiritually, rationally and ascensionally.

Thus from a session to another, there can be a difference in your motivation, but we must touch all the different subjects, all the approaches of this Ascension.

You will understand that these messages are not delivered only for you.

Start spreading them. Thank you.

We love you and it is with a lot of love that we wish you good night.

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