29th MARCH 2003 meeting with Ashtar, Archangel Gabriel, the Light Brothers, Patrick, Claudine (Dori) and our channel Cathy (Hinri)


Good evening everyone,

It’s me, Ashtar. I am not introducing myself anymore. You know me now. Tonight, we will go straight to the subject.

I am very happy to be with you.

Here is a little digression before we start:

I know that life on earth is not easy, but you have all the arms you need to fight your negations.

Only you can do it, only you can improve yourselves to become who you wish to be, a light being.

I will introduce you tonight to a newcomer who will deliver his first message to you. It is Archangel Gabriel whom we are honored to have with us tonight. I will let him talk to you.



Ashtar introduced me to you. I would like to tell you just a few words, since I will occasionally intervene in your teachings and I felt like knowing you better. I have felt each of you and I can tell you have gone a long way to end up where you are. This makes me very happy. I have been with you since you were born. I intervene when you need me, even if you do not call me, because I know, because your guides know, because God knows, and I am sent to you when necessary.

Therefore, I know you. I will be there mainly to tell you about the dangers of the world beyond and the galaxies that are part of the divine creation. We must not forget that even amongst the highly evolved beings, some of them have evolved in a bad way and you must be aware of the dangers that – I wish to reassure you now  - will not cause you any trouble, but you must be able to reassure those who ask you about them, those who meet them.

This is mainly why I will intervene, since this is one of my missions.

Greetings everyone.


Now think about yourselves, about who you are, about who you would like to be when you have reunited your three bodies. I must start by telling you about yourselves, because in order to talk about the work of a group, everyone must be in its place, and this is what you still have to learn.

But there is not much time left and I know that your life experiences are going very fast so that you can learn quickly and let go of the weight that is keeping you to the ground. I know that, so I will not linger on the subject any longer.

The organization in your group : you must know that each of you is different. We have chosen these differences, you have accepted them in order to accomplish a common work, i.e. the illumination of the world’s faith and the projection of a maximum of souls and bodies in the fifth dimension. This is your mission. Every human being is a whole being, you have to take this into account in your work.

To facilitate your task, we have searched for elevated souls which can touch a maximum of individuals.


Here is how you will work :

There will be channeling sessions with many channels so you can bring each other comfort, in order to help you grow faster and take away all your doubts while purifying your fears. This is very important.

From these channeling sessions, you will edit a book which will be distributed by an editor. We will tell you more about it later.

This book will have a great importance, because it will help people all over the world understand what is going on now and what will occur in the next few years on your planet.

People have to know, the humanity must know so they can get ready and also enjoy all the good things that will soon happen.

You will only benefit from them if you have opened your hearts, or else you will see nothing at all.

In your group, there will be individuals who will be able to hear us, to listen to us.

There will be other people in this group who will be organizers, mediators between the group and the outside world, because of course, your mission will have to be organized so you can gather around you more and more sensitive souls to this elevation. We will work with you and place on your path the individuals who will ask you to help them understand universal love.

On the whole, each of you will have its own individual mission and its mission within the group.

We will place on your path the individuals likely to be touched by your message and ours.

In your group, there will be people who are able to talk to crowds, because you will have to organize some conferences, courses and seminars.

There will be healers in your group who, by the divine science, will be able to guide the people who are ill.

Finally, on the whole, you will all be Love messengers, but each of you will have its own individual mission. If someone wishes to leave the group for one reason or another, they will be able to continue their mission.

We insist on the fact that this group is experimental, that it can touch a mass of people and can make the divine plan go forward in a great way. But you must not forget that you remain human beings with your ego, so there might be misunderstandings, but this is not important. We are there to discuss it with you and make sure no clans are forming inside the group.

The group unit will be directed by Hinri.

Cathy : I don’t really feel like "directing"…

I am not here to give you orders, but that is what you are supposed to do. You can always refuse but then we will advise. You have the choice too.

Union and mutual help must be a priority. When love messengers, when light workers get together, the force is much greater, whether it is to heal the sick or to heal the planet. Also, we will ask that at each session, when the group is formed, you start with a meditation for the planet that will last a few minutes. You will put it in a gold circle and you will send it all your love.

The earth is suffering and it needs to feel this love because, just like you, it must endure these assaults before its joy of existing can come back. In this manner, you will help the earth grow stronger and become the original divine creation again.

Patrick : Are there specified dates for the unification of the group ?

The group will be ready to be united within about 6 weeks. The planning is that together we must end this teaching on the ascension to come, so that the members chosen can read it before the common channeling can start, because some might not wish to continue to be part of the group. We are restricted enough in our time. We ask you to hold your 2 sessions weekly in order to be able to start your common work in about 1½ months. During this period, we will help the elect and those which chose it, to improve their possibilities of hearing us and thus be effective from the beginning. Thus, the work is done on both plans.

Patrick : It would be necessary for us to send a copy of the teachings to the future group members so they can get used to the idea of what will be taking place.

Yes. Everyone must read them before the first meeting of common changelings. However you must not pass it out only to the people you know. That makes it about 10 people.

Patrick :Are you the one who is directing all the operations from up there, i.e. for example bring someone to be part of a group?

We are working in collaboration. For now, you are doing a certain work which is to put this teaching into place so it can be distributed and to participate in the elaboration of the group.

Our work is to lighten the beings who have decided, or whose souls have decided, to be part of the divine plan, and to bring them to be able to hear or feel the Light Beings. Then, between yourselves, you will decide the day the meetings will take place. Your time will be ours.

However, we will intervene in regard to the frequency of your meetings, as long as it is appropriate to you, on the necessity to meet more often or less often. It is not up to us or up to you to decide, it depends on the evolution of the planet and we do not know the exact dates either. Only God knows and He/She is the one who manages the orders for the time, who sees the entirety of what is going on and who will give the precise dates for the 3 ascension waves. All we know is that the ultimate date is the end of year 2012.

Patrick :You referred to a certain weight still holding us to the ground. Can we have more details, so we can know what we must work on to accelerate the process, in our everyday-life?

We could talk to each of you individually. But as I know that you know yourselves, that seems to me to be useless.

Not much purifying is left to be done. It is different for each of you, but it is only a small part of what is left to be purified. However this can become an obsession, depending on your thoughts, according to your wishes.

Patrick : We are talking about the third dimension we are in and we are talking about the fifth dimension we are heading to, can you tell us about the fourth dimension

We are entering the fifth dimension. There is the third dimension, the material one, that of the souls who have not yet managed to be recognized by the spirit, and there is the fourth dimension. We could say it is the same as the third dimension, except the people who have entered it have opened their hearts, are conscious. There is the fifth dimension, that of the Ascension and the New World. You are in the fourth dimension.

Patrick : Are those who will be part of the first wave in the fourth dimension or heading to it?

Of course, nobody will ascend without being conscious, without having opened their hearts. Nevertheless, the souls that will have made this choice will not yet be completely purified. But only a few things will remain to be purified, because there is an emergency and we are activating the cleansing of your cells.

Patrick : When you refer to the divine being within us, are you talking about our Higher Self or God?

They are the same, your Higher Self is part of God, God is within you, but you forgot about it. You must remember that God gave you His/Her strength so you could have the earth experiences you have chosen to have. You have to draw your strength from within but of course God is there to guide you, to help you find it again.

Patrick : Can you go forward to the next chapter planned for our program : to ascend, one must make sacrifices ?

This session will take place in a few days. We want to spare our channel who is tired. However, we can tell you this. You want to go fast, understand quickly, be certain of…, go ahead, and this makes us happy.

We believe it is better for you to assimilate the messages we are giving you, even though they do not seem to be important for this theme – Ascension. They are important. They are the foundation. Without them, you would go nowhere. You must not only listen and understand, but you must also want to be part of this divine plan. We are very happy to deliver this teaching. We know you are impatient to see what will come next. But I ask you to assimilate, to read the messages again, to understand and to believe.

You can ask your questions as they come to your minds.

Claudine : You say you are limited in time and you say we want to go too fast…

From where we are, time has no importance. If we are putting a notion of time for the divine plan, this means there is an emergency. We are not doing it for fun.

Patrick : Emergency for whom ? For those in the first wave or for the humanity?

For the planet and its inhabitants, of course. The best solution must be organized for a maximum of human beings. That is where there is an emergency.

We want for the majority of the human souls to take advantage of this great gift of love we are giving you, i.e. to take care of your planet that you have abused.

I must repeat that we are doing it out of love.

Patrick :Could we have an introduction, a general explanation for the principle of the planet’s evolution ?

All these notions and explanations will be given to you during the different sessions. Every session has its importance. As requested, we will give you an introduction and a general explanation of what the Ascension is, of the reasons for it and the downfall of your planet.

Once the intended teaching is given in the different sessions, you will have all the information. It is hard to give you a summary of the Ascension because it is very vast, complex, because it touches the entirety of the human beings and the entirety of Planet Earth, thus the entirety of the universe. Therefore we must divide and explain with your words, as best as we can, the complete process, the reasons and the outcome of Ascension.

Patrick : So there are three ways to ascend :

1/ with soul-spirit-body ascending together, thus disappearing for an earthly period of time.

2/ by staying on earth and getting an initiation through the astral journey. What is the third one?

The third one is that you remain on earth and receive the teachings through channeling, through meditation or through your sensitivity, your feeling. Well you are already doing it now, but with much more strength and possibilities.

Patrick : The ascended of the first wave will receive a teaching and then come back to lighten their sisters and brothers, but with proofs. These proofs are miracles, apparitions, dematerializations… Is it necessary to convince others?

First of all, there is faith. If one believes they have changed because of their love and faith in God, they will radiate this love. The others will try to understand. Furthermore, we are giving you a great help by having the planet’s vibratory rate raised, as well as the rate of everything on earth, in the air, etc.

With this faith, this recognition of the divine force, this vibratory rate and the teachings you have received, it will be easier for you to convince others, who once again will be placed on your path by the Light Beings. More and more people will wish to live by love, because they will finally feel what they have always been looking for and have never found. There will also be the gift you will have acquired, received and which you will use out of love. Those gifts will be very powerful. You will then be able to achieve everything you have just mentioned. You will do it only to help others open their hearts, and not to justify yourselves or to impress.

Claudine : What do you mean by having a more elevated vibratory rate?

Everything is vibration, everything is energy. You are energy that was made dense to a point that it is not visible to human eyes. It might be a little complicated here to give you a molecular chemistry course. But if you wish, I can give you in private the names of books which explain this energy very well, how it is diffused, and how it tightens, how it appears, how it disappears, etc.

Patrick : If we can get a teaching here on earth, why propose to get it on your vessels, which necessitates a phenomenon quite unusual on the earth plan?

The choice is yours. But your curiosity will push you to come to us. It is obvious that you have consciously made your choice. That means that spending some time on our vessel will bring you some even greater openings , due to the fact that you will see through your own eyes what the earth will become. The people who decide to stay on earth will do it for a very precise reason, the love of others. They cannot leave the earth for an initiation. They will have the same data as you and some will travel all the way to us. The souls that will come on our vessel will have a more visionary opening, a larger one. This will help them prove and push the others to believe.

Patrick :Are you on the vessel right now?

No, we are here with you.

We are here and elsewhere at the same time. We can divide ourselves in different places simultaneously, but we are here.

Cathy :Will we be able, with the gifts from the souls from above, to divide ourselves?

No, you will be able to be in two places at once, which is a work consequent enough for you.

Patrick :What do you mean by "being at two places at once"?

To be in two different places at once, i.e. both on earth and elsewhere.

I am telling you this right now, all of you will not manage to do it. There again, you must acquire a control of these senses and be able to use some of our teachings, and wish to appear in two places at once. It is not easily manageable for your spirits that are unified at one place at a time.

Cathy :One of our physical bodies will be elsewhere, but without the spirit?

No, this means, if one can express it that way, that one of your physical bodies, visible to other people’s eyes, will have all your spirit, while the other will be just a double.

Your soul cannot bring only part of the spirit. Thus it cannot direct elsewhere on earth for example, a physical body without the spirit.

Patrick :Is the spirit aware that there is a double?

Yes, it is the spirit that will require it to the soul and together, they will do the doubling.

This also will be taught to you for very precise missions.

It is getting very late my friends. Thank you for your interest and I will see you in a couple of days.

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