1st APRIL meeting with Jesus (Sananda), Ashtar, Patrick and our channel Cathy (Hinri)

To ascend, one has to make sacrifices


Good evening my friends.

I am happy to be here tonight, especially since I am with our great Master Jesus, who will deliver tonight’s message concerning your personal preparation for Ascension.

I will let him speak to you and will be available for eventual questions.

To you, my brother.



Thank you. I am your brother, all of you, Ahstar’s brother, the brother of all human souls and all the souls from above.

I am your brother because I lived on earth and I know this planet as well as you. It is my favorite planet, as well as yours probably.

We are all here together to show our earth that we love her, that we want her to shine again and be in peace.

This seems difficult to us at this moment, with all that is going on. There is the war, there will be more wars, there will be trouble a little everywhere on earth, because people are not yet aware of the gravity of the situation and continue to fight for money while the earth is dying.

I have announced this to you a long time ago, and it is occurring now, the Apocalypse.

We did not know then exactly how this would be taking place, we had an idea, an image, but no precise facts. We see it now and it is making us sad. But what else can we do except pray for these wars to end and that sufficient human beings become conscious so such destitution can stop being accepted.

Each single person must individually become aware of the reason for their presence here on earth. They must be aware deep inside of the life existing within them, of all the divinity within, and that this divinity is THEM.

Many things can be done to achieve this.

First of all, making sacrifices. This means letting go of all the mistakes we thought were the truth, heal ourselves from within by accepting to forgive, send to God all the revolts that we cannot separate from.

This also means opening our hearts to universal love and to loving others as well as loving our planet Earth.

Different steps are necessary to free your souls.

Your ego takes too much room in your lives.

Your ego is a part of yourselves which presumes it is the best part of yourselves. It is everything that keeps you to the ground, because it is very heavy. It is the weight that is very heavy on your bodies and prevents them from breathing, that weighs on your souls and prevents them from elevating, that weighs on your spirits and prevents them from thinking freely. It is everything that brings you back to your own person, which is not wrong, but it is taking a lot of room and you are becoming obsessed by your own presence, which is only superficial. Your ego does not draw within yourselves, but stays on the surface as a shell, an armor.

It is what you are trying to neutralize, you cannot live without an ego, but you have to be firm with it. This will allow you to reach higher tops because then you will become free of yourselves and you will be able to cover thousands of kilometers without being tired. You will be light and you will elevate higher and higher.

That is what I meant to tell you tonight. It is very important that you let go of the weight on yourselves at the moment, because with the vibrations increasing, this weight is getting heavier and holds you firmly on the ground. This weight is preventing you from being open to the world of the Light Beings. You must let go of it. Ask for our help. Ask for my help. I am there for you, to help you free yourselves, master your thoughts and learn the language of love again.

I love you.

Patrick : You say we must be firm with the ego, liberate from its weight, etc, is there a procedure?

Lessons can be helpful but experiences will teach you how to liberate. You can learn different methods which are all good ones, at least those coming from our teachings, but I am telling you this, they are not necessary.

There is no particular method. Experiences will teach you how to master your ego, to manage your spirit and to unite your bodies.

You are practicing it very well. Everything is coming into place. These lessons are even prepared and ready to be given. They are the life experiences you are going through, that you went through and that you will go through. This is what the lessons are.

Patrick :...it is becoming aware of what we are experiencing and learning our lessons from our everyday experiences, isn’t it?

Your will to elevate and your awareness are the basic rules for learning "how to make sacrifices in order to attain one’s end". If you have these two things within, you are winners, you can estimate that you understood and that all you have to do is practice. You have the theory, you need the practice. But there again, you have been practicing a lot. You are controlling your mental and your ego well. This is easy for you now.

Patrick : And for those who are not familiar with that at all?

There is quite a process in order for all to be able to open to our love. They must take certain paths to have the will to elevate and become aware. For them as well, it is also the experiences that will bring them here.

Patrick : Besides learning and making sacrifices, are there any other subjects we must work on?

Yes, practicing will be sufficient. However, you have a lot to do to help others. It is no longer necessary for any of you to work on yourselves, because you have reached a point that is sufficient for you, i.e. helping others. And then you will learn a lot of things. You will also learn from others, because union will come and you will learn to work in a group, mutual help, etc. It is not working on yourselves because you have reached a great spiritual maturity. I am not telling you this to make you feel good about yourselves. It is the truth. Accept it as a statement.

Patrick : I do not understand. Are you addressing these messages to people who have acquired a certain spiritual maturity or to humanity in general?

All the individuals who will read these messages will feel an interest to read them for their personal quest, i.e. they will be ready to hear this.

On certain questions, I am particularly addressing to you, because you are the leaders and you must know where you stand so you can understand what we are expecting from you, i.e. helping others. By others, we mean first of all the ones closer to you in this mission, i.e. the members of the group. Then, there will be more and more human beings coming to you and you will form a circle of great enough celestial energies.

You must understand the general messages we are giving you at the beginning of every session and the questions-answers that are more personal. You can make your own selection.

Patrick : I think that, in spite of everything, it would be nice to have a little more guidance from you to work on ourselves…

It would be interesting to add at the end of the text of this meeting, a few messages that Hinri channeled from God which explain in a more precise way the steps to spiritual elevation, such as faith, letting go, for example. This could effectively help people who do not know where to start and who still have a lot to change in the way they act and see life in general.

If you have no more questions, I am kissing you and I am going toward other missions. You know that, just like God, I am always with you. I have a lot to do at this moment.

Your brother Jesus.


Just a little word for Patrick.

I love you my Light Brother. You are a little like me. You want to understand everything. That has made me waste a lot of time. But I have finally understood. One day or another, you understand all the things in your soul’s life. One day, you will understand. But you need patience. There is a perfect moment for everything.

I love you very much my Light brother.

Good night, get some rest and we will see you in a few days. This time, I will let you set the date.

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