7th APRIL 2003 meeting with Jesus, Ashtar Command, Patrick & Cathy (Hinri)


This is your brother Jesus. I am there with you.

What a nice mission your are achieving! Do you realize it?

It is absolutely wonderful that you can tell others, your entourage, about the divine forces that are within each of you.

I must now ask you to make sure you do the maximum of work, which will not require that you use your time, but you will do it in your everyday occupations, everywhere you are and whoever you are with. It is necessary to be kind, to love others. This is what will help open other people’s hearts, above all, before any teachings, any theories, any truth. The way you are, the way you react, talk and smile, in your everyday life is how you can help others. This is how you purify yourselves and have purified yourselves before.

You are and you will be as pure as crystal and you can go a little further in the teachings we are giving you.

I am with you at every moment. I am the Christic essence that is running through your body. I am the essence that makes you go forward, that make your motor run. I am Love. I am LOVE.

I will let Ashtar, my brother, talk to you and continue to give you the teachings for the approach of the ascension. Thank you. I am your big brother, your little brother, your sister, it is up to you to decide. I am very close to you.



Good evening.

The following of the events, the organization of your work unit, will be explained to you during tonight’s session.

There are now two or three of you, as the case may be, who can take our messages for the teachings of your imminent contact with the other side of the veil, so you can learn how to teach it and spread it. We are doing it step by step, as you see. It is useless to go too fast, because some pieces would be missing, and the puzzle would not be complete.

We must take it one step at a time, so you will assimilate the totality of the divine plan which also involves the integration of your Higher Self to the unity, to the union.

Many things must be explained to you one after the other so you can assimilate correctly and so you can progress according to your objective.

Within a few weeks, this initiation will be completed.

In the meantime, in a little less than a month, we will gather a majority of souls open to the invisible world and accepting the phenomenon of the ascension and all that this implies.

As I have asked you, it would be necessary for the individuals involved one way or another in the group that we are putting into place, to have read our teachings, even though some information can be missing, because the complete course will not stop at this basic initiation, which will be completed during the month of May.

The group will gather at least twice a month to meditate for the Planet Earth and its inhabitants and continue the teachings from the Light Beings.

At this moment, many of us will deliver their messages and we will have many channels available to work in collaboration with us.

It would be necessary, as far as possible, that the people who have started to hear us free themselves from their doubts, understand certain celestial languages, plus they should not feel hurt if there are mistakes. It is a little normal, since it is only a little part, it is an apprenticeship.

Therefore, I ask you, Hinri, to contact each of them and explain a few basic rules to them which I will dictate to you within the next few days, so they will not be disappointed. As you must have felt or imagined already, it is not easy.

Now, let’s suppose, because I cannot give you a precise date, but it should more or less happen this way, that in June, about twenty of you will be able to hear us, will let us use their voices or not, to be part of a group whose goal is to show a maximum of people the possibilities of ascension and explain the difficulties of the last years.

The closer we are from year 2012, the more the impact of this upheaval will be felt and it will become harder and harder.

The vision you will have to focus on is not that of the wars and cataclysms that have already occurred and that will continue to occur, but the vision of the new world to come.

This is why we will elaborate a chapter on this new world to show you the importance of the years to come.

This new world is also that of your children. It is important that they be prepared to this new era.

You will continue that way, from month to month, until December and you will edit a book including the messages taken through common channeling as well as the messages of the basic initiation.

You will touch a maximum of people, because your group will be strong enough and will allow to show universal love without being judged. You will all be part of a no-name union, without religion, a union of universal love, and people will know it.

Thank you. Go ahead with your questions.

Patrick : What does "integration of the Higher Self to the union" mean?



Your Higher Self is the divine part in your soul, the most elevated part.

Your Higher Self tries to make you find the celestial union again or, in a more familiar language, tries to find itself back, because it belongs to the divine essence.

Patrick : What has the Higher Self lost?

The Higher Self has not lost anything and it keeps its divinity. Nevertheless, the challenge of your earth life is to remember your Higher Self. The spirit must go through different steps before it can remember its Higher Self, remember part of its entirety, of its three bodies, God calling it.

Patrick : Therefore it is mainly a challenge for the spirit since the Higher Self has not forgotten anything, It knows Who It is.

This is right. It is the Spirit who must remember.

Patrick : But what is the real reason behind all this? Who do our three bodies incarnate on earth while the spirit forgets what it is part of?

But, my brother, why would you come back on earth if you remembered?

You would have nothing left to learn. You would have come for no reason. You would be wasting your time.

You have come back precisely to show that your soul has a sufficient elevation to guide the spirit to remember. It is a common work. It is not only a work for the spirit. The soul is growing.

Patrick : Ashtar says we must learn to prepare the new era, this is not very precise. Could you give us more details?


Have you listened to tonight’s message where I mentioned the work to be done during this period?

I cannot tell you myself what will happen in a few months or in a few years. We only have one date written on your calendars : 2012. We must help you prepare for the different strategies to face the times to come. Therefore, we will work month after month.

We also had to learn to let go, even though most of us had already let go, because we could not obligatorily have the details of the times to come. We are looking in the Great Book and we are helping you prepare to different eventualities.

One thing is certain, you would be able to ascend if things should deteriorate very quickly.

We are not there to establish catastrophic scenarios, because we are very far from this risk. Therefore there are certain things that we do not know and which we have no control upon. So we are progressing together, gathered, united, towards the times to come, without too many questionings.

For now, this is the best answer I can offer you. It might no longer be the case in a few days, a few weeks, because then we would have more precise information.

Together we are progressing toward the healing of the planet and its inhabitants.

Patrick : Alright, but it is still hard to understand the reasons, the details, the entirety that is still abstract.

This seems too simple… we were expecting something more complex, harder to reach.

You say it is hard to understand what we are saying, but it is quite simple for souls that have an opening. It is more complicated for rational, critical spirits.

You understand the phenomenon of the ascension, the foundations of spiritual life and in a great part, universal love. It is simple for you, but is more complicated for others. This is why we are giving you a teaching that is as large as possible, even though sometimes it may seem too much spread out, not direct and quick.

But we must follow these steps because we think about you and we think about the others who have not heard at all about the other side of the veil, life after life, universal love. Or they have heard about it, but they did not pay attention to it, because they did not feel concerned.

I simply want to tell you this. If we work together, as we do now, we must not think that nothing is happening. Many things are happening, for your purification, since you understand this term well now, and in the work of our troops also, regarding, among other things, the elevation of the planet’s vibratory rate. It is not very simple for us. We are working very hard with different teams, with different galaxies, for the well-being of your planet and your humanity. We give you the information, the instructions as you can hear them, but it is only a beginning. Everything is done very softly, with love and sharing.

It is obvious for some of you that it may be a little hard to accept that we are going slowly, but as you say yourself, all the individuals who have an opening and who will read these messages must be able to understand and assimilate, so their road can be facilitated. This is the objective of our common work.

Everything will be said in a summary during the basic initiation. Everything will be said in detail during the channeling in group, where explaining the work you have to do on yourselves, for example, might take a whole session.

For those who have already done this work on themselves, may be this will seem a little boring, but you must accept the differences in the levels, in the rapidity of comprehension and in the purification.

Patrick : Can we, on a comparative basis, see the difference between a person normally constituted and an ascended person? What are the major differences?

The light beings are defined as people who live initially of love, the love of God, the love of others, the love of the planet. You are light beings, we are light beings. The ascended masters are light beings who have acquired a sufficient celestial knowledge to teach others.

Therefore, people who live in a fair manner, whether they have a knowledge of the celestial teachings or not, are light beings. They will have on their road, as well as every human being --God declared it on oath--, a very clear and precise choice with regard to the ascension. It is obvious that a person close to God will accept the ascension with delight.

Those who will not have chosen ascension will be individuals who will have decided to stay in the dark zone of their being. They can do it, there will be no blackmail to make them change their minds, they will have free choice.

Once you have become an ascended master, you will teach your entourage, your friends, but also the people we will put on your paths, universal love and of course, due your sublime elevation, your will have gifts still unexplored by the human race, very powerful gifts of love and light.

This will be, to some extent, a form of reward for your choice to serve God, thus your entourage, because God is within each individual.

I will talk to you later.

See you very soon.

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