13th APRIL  meeting With God, Archangel Michael, Ashtar Command, Patrick, Claudine et our channel Cathy (Hinri)


Good evening everyone.

I am back among you with a lot of joy, excitement, to finally tell you about what your planet will have become after 2012.

I think it is important to tell you about it now, because you are all asking the same question and this can slow you up a little.

First of all, I would like to tell you that I am very happy, my light sister, for your availability once again to hear our teachings.

We need you. Never forget it. You have a lot of strength and I am very happy that you can once again be a channel for the Light Beings who wish to help you with a lot of love.

I am here and I see that this time, you are all ready to hear us without judging us. I am very happy about it, because we are here for you, not for fun. I had to tell you this. Therefore, I will start with the chapter of the planet of the new world.


2012 will be the year where all human beings will have finally united their forces for universal love, for the love of their own selves and for the love of their brothers and sisters, for the love of their neighbours, for the love of their hairdressers, the garbage collector, the teacher, the priest, for the love of every human being on this planet and, the hardest of all, for the Earth, your mother, the one who is welcoming you in her bosom, who feeds you, who rocks you, who loves you.

The planet has suffered a lot, since humankind has been living on it. Maybe very little at the beginning of her creation, but still without respect for her own person, if I can say so.

The planet is alive. The planet has senses, just like you. The planet can hear, see, feel, taste, breathe and love.

After these numerous years, the planet needs gratefulness, to be recognised as a whole entity welcoming you.

After 2012, since the spirits, or a great part of the spirits will have joined the human beings’ souls, the planet will have finally been saved and will be cherished.


You will cuddle her, you will understand her, understand her need as well as her wish to feel loved. You will talk to her. You will listen to her. You will live in harmony with her. What will have changed for the earth will be the fact that all of her inhabitants or practically all of them will be grateful to her, will make her more beautiful and will give her, her original beauty. For the planet, this is what this implies.

For her inhabitants, this means a life based on love, on the divinity within each of you and in the planet and on union, helping one another, bringing each other assistance and loving one another.

All the economical system will be remodelled. There will be enterprises closing and others opening, according to the cosmic base. There will be enterprises which, from their leaders’ initiatives, will manage to continue their production, their business, for they will be remodelled to have the look of the year 2012, i.e. respect, love, joy of living at work.

With regard to the brothers and sisters from other galaxies, some of them will decide to live among you. They will have the same aspect as you, do not worry.  They will be physically unrecognisable, but not deep within them, because they will then be masters, just like those of you who will have chosen to ascend. Altogether, you will help rebuild the earth, heal her.

You will teach universal love, limitless love, love without possession.

You will be children of God, Light Beings.

I will now let God talk to you and make an announcement to you :



2012, the end of 2012, is when the planet will enter the fifth dimension. The planet, from her extraordinary vibrations, will have ascended as well. You will have become beings from other dimensions, because the work you will have done on yourselves will have given you the same gifts the highly evolved beings have.

I do not want to intervene too long, there is a lot of material for tonight. I love you My children, you know it.



Good evening,

I am in a great mood, full of energy, I am with you, I am speaking your language.

I, as well,  will participate with your group in this wonderful teaching, in your teaching which in fact is not teaching but proof of love from the Light Beings from elsewhere, who have come to help you, to show you that the humanity is wonderful, that it is very important to us, that we do not want you to sink into the most total darkness, that at this moment we are giving you grades which we are pulling with strings, that we are making you progress more quickly.  This is why, in fact, you are not very balanced, meaning very quickly down there, very quickly up there, not knowing where you stand. It is quite normal.

We are helping you control your emotions, we are helping you become masters of your mental. We are helping you enter in happiness, because it exists on earth. It is even absolutely wonderful when experienced by people who have understood love. Oh yes, you must tell yourselves that this is the only religion holding the love key to happiness for humankind : freedom.

Freedom is thinking, acting, being what you wish to be, but in love, peace and joy. This makes absolutely wonderful beings, free and flying with the best feathers.

I am introducing myself today to tell you just a few words and tell you that I am participating in your group, that one of the channels who is part of the group will receive my messages regularly, because later the teachings will become much more precise and many channels will be necessary for this work, each of them with their specificity, with their knowledge, with their elevation. It is a totally fantastic group that is forming. I am very proud to be working with you. I love you.

Patrick : Could we have a description of what our planet is?


The planet is your mother. She has all the qualities of a mother, with the vegetal world as much as with the mineral and animal world, and all you see and do not see of the planet is a total, complete person.

The term “person” is not quite appropriate, but there is no other term to help you understand that the planet is alive, has a life; just like you, she has feelings, she gives you everything you need for your journey on earth, for you terrestrial delight, for your joy of living.

She gives you everything you own and you are forgetting about her, you have forgotten about her. She is now waking up. She has feelings just like you. She has suffered humiliation, disregard for much too long. The planet has a physical body, an etheric body, an astral body.

Have I answered your question, My son?

Claudine : How can the earth be an entity if there is duality?

The earth is not her inhabitants. The earth is an entity in the sense that she is unique, that she is an only person with her three bodies.

Claudine : In 2012 ?

She is already a person with her three bodies, she has always been a person with her three bodies, but not reunited effectively.

Patrick : The few messages received by other channels on the Ascension do not mention the ascension of the physical body. Rather, they talk about the vibratory rate increasing toward the fifth dimension. Can you give us more details?

It is in fact simple enough. Very few human beings will ascend with their three bodies, because they would have chosen to be reported missing on earth. Nobody will be able to know the exact date. We will tell you when to keep ready.

Only those who will have chosen this option will be able to do it, the others will ascend in a different way, as described earlier. As the vibratory rate of the planet will increase, for many years still, some light beings will receive gifts, such as doubling their bodies, going up in the astral plan with their three bodies, such as the first ascension wave we are telling you about now.

We prefer to get to the detail of the explanation of these elements step by step, because it is still a little early for some spirits to understand and accept.

If we give you all the explanation now, this will offend some people who then will stop learning, and maybe also, will leave on another path. We must go step by step.

From a channel to another, the perceptions change. Some people are channelling and will not dare say all the extent of the message, because they will be afraid of being judged, because it is too crazy, as certain people will say. In a very short time, other channels will be giving the same kind of language.

Patrick : Does the first wave of ascension have to be for a minimum of 144 000 people?

There will be a minimum of 144 000 people, but there will be a much larger number of people. We are singing praises at this moment in My Kingdom because of the quick elevation of the human beings in general. 

Claudine : We are receiving all this information, but we do not know, for example, if the people in Africa are receiving these teachings.

They are not “that” behind you; in fact, they are often more in advance on this type of teaching of terrestrial life.

We have formed some groups all over the world, absolutely everywhere. There is no reason for us to be acting here only. We are acting in other places too.

Patrick : We understood that the work to be done on ourselves was relatively simple.

Yes, the work you have done and you are still doing on yourselves was the most difficult part. You have climbed the highest mountain. Only a few mounts are left to climb, but I can assure you that when I look at you from within, you have done the most difficult part.

It is false to say that the more we elevate, the harder it gets. The opposite is happening.

As you say, the road is more narrow. It is true because you no longer need all that space. Your are pure light. You would not even need a road anymore.

Thus, the basic teaching means a soft and delicate approach for your spirits. It is true that sometimes you will receive much more precise and clear information. The closer we get to 2012, not only in years, but also in days, weeks, months, the more you will have to realise that your choice is the right one, because you will feel a kind of energy, of vibrations anytime during the day or night, you will be connected. And this is a reward you cannot even imagine the value of.

Patrick : 2012, the world of business. You said we would evolve in a professional environment with a lot of love, respect and joy of living. But what about the hierarchy, the injustice, the income levels? Can you tell us, for example, about those who impose and those who are the victims.

I understood your question. I know exactly what you mean.

The system will be completely remodelled, not in one day of course, but a huge preparation has just started to be put into place a short while ago, though with a few ideas from before. For this, we have elected leaders of the new economy, based on love, respect and justice. You have one in your group by the way, Philippe, who has already been inspired and who is starting to imagine how to be able to share work in a more equitable way, how to work for a global system instead of an individual one.

This supposes, of course, that the leaders might see their personal interest a little less. It is clear that there will be a balance in the salaries, but it will be equitable.

This will be easier to reach more precisely in the group sessions where general directors, presidents, economists, religious (oh yes), businessmen, politicians from the other side have been studying together, for a certain time, by meeting weekly, the future of the planet with the new economy system put into place.

Claudine : For example, in the agricultural domain, what will happen?

As I have said, we will not get into details tonight on certain very technical or scientific parameters. You will all take care of the land. There will be market gardeners, farmers, but there will no longer be waiting rooms for the butchery animals for example.

Everything will be wonderful, you will be able to smell the odours of your childhood again or even odours much more mouth-watering. You will find this nature that you have imagined, as children, in fairy tales.

It will be just like in My Kingdom.

Patrick : How long will it take, from 2012, for the planet to come back to the original state you are telling us about?

A lot of time will be needed in years as you are counting them. Many hundreds of years will be necessary before everything becomes exactly like in My Kingdom again.

You can imagine for how long the planet has been devastated. Of course she cannot find her youth back within a few months.

However, you will see interesting progressions every day.

Every day, you will live in the progress.

Every day you will be gratified for the services you have done the planet.

Many things will occur quickly, concerning nature in particular.

What will take longer to change is the people’s hearts.

Because not everybody will be willing to let go of their material possessions, especially for the good of the community, but everyone will see the difference, even those people. So they will have an opening, each at their own pace, to this new world. What is awaiting you is wonderful. You will have beautiful years in this new world and, at the same time, in My Kingdom, because as you know it now, you will travel easily.

Patrick : And what about all these constructions that disguise the environment, the planet? Are they going to be destroyed so we can rebuild or will this seem less important to us?

You said it. It is first of all the importance you give these things that will help you be patient until the planet can find its original aspect again.

Across the years, the constructions will become biological. Everything will be adapted to the new life mode which will still have the same base, i.e. love, respect and joy of living.

The buildings you are talking about… I know exactly what you mean, will not be renovated and with the time, will be destroyed.

Not a big chock, do not worry, a lot of differences in your everyday lives, a lot of happiness.

Patrick : All the biologic farmers, architects, feng-shui, energetic therapists, the new age modes of thinking, etc.. will expand rapidly after 2012 ?

Yes, you can see yourself that the awareness is more and more generalised. This is what is in style now, and it is the eternal fashion of the new world.

Patrick : Thus this awareness which is amplifying still is a proof that we are evolving toward a better world?

Of course.

The pessimists see their own interests and they are scared. This is why they are not feeling good right now. They are also becoming aware, but their hearts are not open yet, they are afraid of what they think is their success. They will have an opening too. For those who do not want to open, the situation will become more and more preoccupying. They will become more and more afraid and their nerves will go to pieces. This is also why we want to give messages and that this group, from its originality, will shake the people’s consciousness and make them react.

Claudine : So in 300 years, we will talk about the Ashtar movement?


This is not a movement, it is a new world.

The movements that have existed on earth are awareness movements and are very basic and not always fair. They are often protecting a group with very particular interests.

I am honoured that you call this set up “Ashtar”, but I am way too humble to accept it. Moreover, there are no titles great enough to point out God who is at the base of all this.

Patrick : Can you tell us about the emotional, love relationships between human beings after 2012 ?


The human relationships will be magnified, will be wonderfully more beautiful with sincerity, love, truth, which unfortunately is still very rare, but not for long.

Everything will be easier because love will prevail in all situations. Everything will be facilitated because then you will have acquired the knowledge and you will experience a perfect love with yourselves and the christed essence within you.

Patrick : Since the restructuring of the planet to her original state will take a few centuries, will the relationships take as long to become more beautiful?

In 2013, the human relationships will be different, they are already starting to be different.

Because of the work that you are doing -- that many others are doing, all these light workers -- most people will live by love, for love and for their own purification. This is also because of this awareness that the planet will start changing, because it is you getting together that will make this transformation.

Claudine : The society will change completely by love?

Exactly. Many schemas, old schemas, which are not yourselves, which you were imposed and you believed were part of you, will no longer exist.

Patrick : What about the cataclysms that were announced?

Their will be a session for this purpose to give you more in detail the years until 2012, with what could happen. We will tell you more about it in a next session. We estimate that our channel has given a lot of herself tonight and we thank her very much.


I ask you to start your 2 sessions weekly again because, just like you, we want things to go forward.

Thank you very much.

I love you my brothers and sisters of the earth.

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