April 19 2003 Meeting  With The Ashtar Commander And Cathy (Hinri)

Ashtar :

Tonight, we are  having a private discussion, my light sister.

I will deliver a message in relation to your brothers and sisters who are in the same situation as you, i.e. who are on earth now that everything is moving very fast.

First of all, let me tell you that in your life, you have known suffering zones that few human beings have known. This allows you to better understand what might happen to them, if they do not listen to their hearts.

I do not wish to scare anyone, I simply wish to open the eyes of as many people as possible, to show them that life can be beautiful, even though they have gone through some very difficult times.

Who has never suffered hardships in their existence?

They might have been small or big, it doesn’t matter, people have suffered.

It is therefore one of the reasons for looking for a better horizon, toward an understanding God, toward a force that will help them go through other doubts and sadness.

Life on earth, despite its beauty, is not always easy.

Why then choose to live it? Simply out of love, because the soul has wanted to love, to love with all the constraints of this path. And the soul has wanted to prove itself that it could make the part of itself who thinks on earth, the spirit, understand that everything is love.

However, the spirit has a lot to do with the ego since the force of love has no power on it. It is too centered in its own evolution in the society that makes your world.

With all due respect for my human brothers, I must admit that it is sometimes hard to be a witness of the scenes offered to my eyes. How to accept to see people destroy themselves that way. They do not only destroy others, but they destroy themselves.

Who can now say “I am happy” when their own soul is crying.

Nobody. And if someone says so, they are lying. It is impossible.

The person who says that is deaf to the voice of her soul and is tormented inside.

It is more than ever time to recognise the force of love in all situations.

The people who have walked forward on the path of love, even if it is quite new for them, in no case go backward.

They have known the divine force and know that it is within. It is much easier and more motivating to finally be oneself. The links of the past, so heavy to bear, have been cut, the chains of the society have been sawed.  We cannot elevate if we bring with us a lot of luggage filled with useless and  futile stuff. You must know how to free yourselves by understanding the value of the goods we thought were good. In fact, once we have tasted Love, there is nothing to understand anymore. It is something logical. This does not mean that human beings looking for their own identities, their souls, are destitute. This is not what I mean, What I wish to tell you is much more simple. Bring back priorities in your life. First love, inner peace and then material.

The light beings have no chains, they do not fear hunger or cold, they have faith in Love.  They only serve the most elevated part of themselves and therefore, they serve God. Nothing can make them grow more that this elevation that they follow out of Love.

Of course, in these conditions, they see the future with confidence, despite the fact that they know, often better than others, that there will be difficult years on earth. They have confidence because they believe, and they believe because they have seen of felt their father God’s voice.

To them, they will never again feel loneliness, because they have opened their hearts and have recognised other people who have made the same choice.

They serve as lighthouses for those who are still in the night.

They receive, each in their own way, even often without knowing it, the energies necessary for ascension.

It is not necessary to have been initiated, to be a channel, to be part of any religion or to have read certain books to be a light being. One must only open his heart and enter God’s great family.

Therefore, your guide will place on your road all the elements necessary to your willingness for purification and comprehension.

I am now addressing to those who have not yet understood the importance of this all.

It is out of love for you who are still in the dark that I am talking now.

If at the dawn of the new era, the light still has not reached you, it is probably because the light is scaring you.

Therefore, I can assure you that this light is the softest, the most comforting and the warmest that can exist.

The light is not trying to do you harm, it does not wish to make you suffer and lose you acquisitions. In fact, the light asks nothing from you.

The light illuminates your days and your nights. The light warms your wounded hearts. The light indicates the road to joy of living.

It will not let you sink in the night when everything around you collapses. i.e. the artificial world that you have created for yourselves because you have never known anything else, and you have satisfied your ego that way.

The new era is the era of the light.

Enter the light now and you will be greatly rewarded. because then you will discover true happiness.

You have the choice, I am repeating this out of love.

It is not my role to make you enter the light, but that of God within you.

The people who have remained in the dark will not find peace and will become more and more tormented.

Listen to me again, I am asking you, look within, look deep down inside and you will not find happiness. Simply give happiness a little room and you will enjoy it.

I love you my brothers and sisters of Planet Earth.

I will let you rest my dear sister.

Cathy :

Thank you my commander…

Ashtar :

Go in peace

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