April 23 2003 Meeting  With The Ashtar Commander And Cathy (Hinri)

Jesus :

Good evening my sister,

This message is not a technique for « out-of-body experience ».

It will be short enough, because more detailed teachings will be transmitted to you by masters from beyond in a few weeks.

Since ascending is one of the possibilities, it is important that we tell you a few words about it.

The astral journey is getting out of your body, out of the usual space for your soul. Your soul is connected to your physical body by a silver string that is cut off at the time of death. During this astral journey, your soul can come back to its space at any moment due to this unbreakable string. It cannot be cut off.

During the astral journey, the soul goes in search of other worlds, of the world above, of the past and the future.

There are as many astral journeys as there are souls, therefore it is very difficult to give you a summary of all the possibilities of the soul during the out-of-body experiences.

The teachings you will get through astral journeys, for those who have chosen them, will be slightly different, in the sense that the souls will be guided by the master who will give them the knowledge necessary for them to be able to  teach other human beings. Depending on the abilities and knowledge  already acquired, many astral journeys will be necessary.

It is hard to estimate the earth time necessary for this initiation, but I can tell you that even if you consciousness does not remember, these journeys have already started for most of those who have chosen this path.

What is important is that each human being can remember these journeys and it is in that sense  that  we are working with you at this moment. This will become more and more clear in your mind. You will feel like you know a lot about things you have never heard about before.

Continue to connect to your soul daily, through prayer or meditation and your spirit will be impregnated with divine teachings.

There is no doubt that by the end of the current year, those who will have chosen the ascent mode will have astral journeys and will register in their conscious all the pictures and words from above.

They will sharpen their out-of-body techniques and direct  their souls and will enable the people who will choose the same road (those in the next two waves) to benefit from that.

The astral journey will also allow you to meet Light Beings from other galaxies.

Your guide will be very happy to participate in these adventures and will make you visit incredibly beautiful worlds.

This will give you a small idea of what it will be like on earth in a few decades and this will influence your life on earth to realise your missions in joy and peace.

Your will  make new forces and take the energies necessary to your work of love on earth.

This ascent process will give you tremendous joy.

It is not necessary to master your energies and your bodies to achieve it.

You have chosen it before your incarnation. Thanks to the divine gifts, you can attain our Kingdom immediately.

Do not fear, you are guided, you are protected. Let yourself be rocked  by the Love of God.


Have a nice journey my brothers and sisters.

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