THE LOVE ERA  -  GOD channelled by Cathy

I am very proud of you My children. I am by your side for this passage to the Love era. You are more and more to get to hear Me and live your daily life through love. All you have learned so far will be useful for you to light the way for your brothers, so that the divine light can shine on your planet.

It has been a long while I’m waiting for this moment. The perfect moment where the collective awareness of human beings is tipping the scales towards light. A lot of time, misery, destruction has been required to finally find oneself in a dilemma out of where man can escape alone. But the human being has understood! The human being woke up. The human being asked for some help. He realised he was not alone. He heard his brothers and sisters from the Light and listened to them. He has acknowledged to be guided out of this deadlock.

The divine plan can finally be unveiled. The channels of the whole world receive the same messages. Please, do not stop on some differences of interpretation of the one or the other one. It has no importance. Please, take the messages in their global nature and please, let your intuition guide your own understandings there. You are divine beings and you bear the knowledge in you.

The light has started to embellish the aura of the planet. Please, continue to progress, to purify you, to get ready for the Ascension. The Ascension is, I remind you, the unification of your three bodies. There is nobody else than yourself who can re-unite your soul-body-spirit. I give you to each, individually, the force and the advice to become ascended beings.

I love you.


Let us speak about us.

I am a God, you are God's fragments. We are God. How to understand it? I am going to speak to you in parabola. When your souls were created, they were my physical echoes I shared with you. You were as bubbles, which I filled with my energy, with my echo. You flew away to form a field populated with gods, on all the divine creation. You landed on a planet as separate individuals, as star seeds, to illuminate all the regions, all the creation. You wanted to become completely new beings and then broke the bubble of Light protecting our union, to leave more and more place to your ego. This explosion was provoked by the particular interest to become masters, without having acquired the necessary experience.

All this degenerated, because then all those energies without any Light’s shell scattered and invaded certain planets, the Earth for instance. To correct this display of false truths, all the spiritual hierarchy has been working since several thousand years, by recreating the light around your planet. You are almost getting there now, hence these big changes, hence the new era, hence the revival of Earth. In a few years, each of you will have found the bubble surrounding his three bodies. So today, I have everything I could wish for, because I can find Myself in you.

We form again together the Source of Love and Light.

SANANDA channelled by Patrick

Yes Patrick, it is SANANDA who wants to deliver you a message. My brother, yesterday, I told you about a message concerning the TDA (Travailleurs De l’Amour, Love workers), concerning the "behaviour" of each before the end of his preparation, before his physical Ascension. It is necessary to understand that the physical Ascension is the ultimate purpose of the progress of the human being.

I explain myself: you lived numerous lives. You were pulled by all the lowest feelings, revenge, hate, war, and urge to kill. That is to say, you were deep in what one can call the shadow. Then, you returned to Love, while keeping some slag inside of you, that is to say traces of shadow in your cells. Today you wake up after hundreds of years or even several thousand years spent on your Earth in a perpetual fight between your body, your spirit, and your Soul.

It is necessary that you understand that the state of being Ascended does not start from one day to the other. All this takes place bit by bit. First of all one becomes aware, as in your case, to be a star seed. Then everyone wakes up his own way: through a book, through a conversation among friends or through a fortuitous meeting on internet. Every way of waking up is a good way.

When it takes place, you become more aware that there is another path different from the one you used to take. You start to inquire of all the teaching on the website "Lumières de l’Au Delà” (Lights of the Other World). You read, you store, you find it marvellous and for the majority of you, you do not put into practice. Then for some of you, after a few weeks or months, it can happen that they start channelling. They think that when the canal was established with the Source, most of the hard work has been done. And it is there that I would say that everything begins. It is then, when the canal is restored with the Source, that it is necessary to rediscover all the values your Soul recommends you. At this moment, it is better to do so silently, it is better to meditate, to read again the teachings, to take care of our inner Higher Self.

It is necessary that you understand, my Brothers and my Sisters, that the purpose of all this, it is Love and light. It is the Serenity, the Wisdom, it is the total change of your way of thinking, of your way of being compared to what you used to be. It would be much too simple and you will agree with me there, that reading some teachings and channelling (or not) could make you ascending. It would not be serious.

It is necessary that the physical Ascension should be the ultimate purpose, I repeat. It is necessary that, having made all the purification, your state changes and stays still. The purification lasts already 3 weeks (process of disimplantation or other). During this purification there are many things. It is there that you start to have the behaviour of a light Master: not be in the judgment, in the duality, in the interference. For that purpose, it is necessary to force oneself, but forcing gently.

Then, this purification being over, you enjoy a new state of being. This state lasts the time the Father decides: some days to some weeks. It is necessary during this lapse of time so that your state becomes still. It would be annoying if a trouble of the 3rd dimension made you fall again into your bad habits, either of depression, or nervousness… you must know very well in which way you can react.

If today, I am talking through my brother Patrick, my dear TDA (Love worker), it is to ask you once again to read all the teaching here on this website. And that you indeed understand that if you do not find your balance in the Wisdom, in the Patience, in the Serenity, in the Love, in the Light, then this balance is not a lasting one. The final Ascension can then not be made. You are capable of it all, the persons who read this message are quite capable of it. We do the maximum you know it.

We love you, we tell you: go to work! Because we need you. It is necessary to move, it is necessary to go together towards the Ascension, towards the rise for your Mother Earth Gaïa.

Here we are, it was Sananda speaking who wanted to give you this message so things become clear, and who loves you very hardly. Talk to you very soon, my brothers and my sisters.

ADAMA channelled par Naya

Children of the Earth, you have got many questions on what you call the Ascension. Many people wonder how to connect the future and past events founding their opinion on their linear logic and their spited vision of Life. The term of Ascension make you imagine that you should rise to go somewhere else, somewhere new.

Please, start by getting an interdimensional view of your existence, your universe, and your energy bodies. It is not a question of leaving a place (the planet or your body) and then going somewhere else more appropriate. It is a question of making vibrate your energies at a higher level so that you can transform the place where you live, where you are resonating. You are transformed.

To help you to understand, please, look at the water, which you put on fire. It is transformed into steam but it is always in the same place, in the same packaging, in the same environment. It is simply transformed. If the process lasts for a long time, the water disappeared from the packaging to simply stay in a form of steam. But this steam there carries on to evolve, to be transformed into other particles of energy in the environment which you call air. Simply you do not see the phenomenon any more. But it exists. The air exists and it is your essential food. But do see it?

Please, understand that you are trying to make your molecules vibrate, and so all your atoms, ions, cells can vibrate with more and more Light so that your world is transformed and can harmoniously welcome our vibrations of Telos. Please, understand that you will not necessarily change place nor even change shape. For those who will not want to stay in their current body, changing of levels, degrees and stages will be made. For those who will want to ascend with their current body, you will move the energies within your own cosmic egg, with your own telluric roots.

You are trying TO SEE with your physical eyes the proof of your evolution. This is impossible. That is why we ask you to develop your feeling with the heart. We invite you constantly to feel the love in the heart, to think with the heart, to choose and to decide with the heart, to lead your life according to what your heart dictates you.

You would not put your 7 years old child at University, would you? This child would suffer and would loose courage immediately. You would not aim a lamp at the eyes of a man who comes out of the darkness of a cellar to help him to see better at once. This man would lose definitively his sight. He would interpret probably your gesture as an aggression. Please, understand that we love you infinitely and that we respect your rhythm, your choices, and your needs so that you are not blinded by the light or lost in too brutally different vibrations. That is why we say to you that we shall appear when you will be numerous enough and ready enough.

The Ascension is an internal or interiorised phenomenon and takes place at dimensional subtle levels, which differ from your perceptions of the third dimension.

Please focus on the heart and on Love for a while (you can think of the person you like the most and imagine to hug her in your arms)… and you can immediately experience a larger unity consciousness. Then you are in the fifth dimension or even the seventh dimension..

When you meditate, you ascend.

When you pray, you ascend.

When you are in ecstasy, you ascend.

When you like unconditionally the Life, you ascend.

Your learning consists now in maintaining your energy higher vibratory levels. It is necessary to learn to align and to maintain your bodies at the same vibratory level, to unify them to your Being of Light and then to keep this new state in your daily life. It is necessary to become aware of the Master you are.

Acceptance is a key. Thus stop rebelling or wanting to explain everything with the intellect. Please accept Life, Enjoyment, and Love. Please surround all the rest with Light and with serene confidence.

Children of the Earth, you have got many questions on what you call the Ascension. Here is our message this morning when humanity’s memories and recollections are merging with your hopes and your desires. Please open your heart. Please share your Love.

We thank you for your indestructible commitment, for your courage, for your determination. Children of Stars, Children of the Earth, we love you, we honour you, and we greet you.

THE ASHTAR COMMANDER Channelled by Pascale

Hello, I am your Commander. I am delighted to be among you today because my celebration is coming soon. My vessel is ready to welcome you, for those who chose to do so.

You will ascend, the whole of you. Yes, all. Even those who still do not feel ready. Your first wave is for soon. We ask you to trust us. To rely on what you feel in your heart so that your decision will be easier. Do not have any worries for your families because they will follow you and will be with you. I indeed say it to you, even those who do not believe in it will be with you.

We are at the moment very close to the planet Earth. There is even some who can feel us by vibration. And those who have the third very opened eye can see us. Some have already felt us wondering what it was exactly. They are still unknown vibrations for some of you. It is only the beginning, a foretaste. We are delighted, my fleet and I, to welcome you soon. I ask you, on the other hand, to keep your ears opened for what could seem to you to be different from usual. Let yourself be driven by those intuitions, by those feelings. I shall ask you to begin to mention the Ascension to your families. Naturally, you still have the choice. You are free. Do it lovingly and only lovingly. Please do not think you are some superstars. You are not there still. Just spread around you this great news of the Ascension. And as Marie asked you, put a lot of sweetness in your comments. Do not try to convince.

Simply speak about your experiences, about your feelings. It is the most beautiful kind of testimony. I am looking forward to meeting some of you soon.

I shall ask you, for those who can see and hear me, to be available. The messages that I shall have to pass on you will be included in the book. I thank you for your listening. In the pleasure to meet you very soon!

GOD channelled by Clô

My children you are extraordinary. Nathalie is very touched by what is happening. Joy’s emotions are difficult to handle as well. Let’s carry on with the conference.

I would like to speak about the Universe. This Universe is surrounding you but is quite unknown to you. This Universe, which sometimes seems to be dark. Thousands of stars are shining for you. There is not only shadow in this universe. There are galaxies with their suns, there are extraterrestrial beings helping you but you are not always aware of it. We organise some meetings regarding your Ascension. Every day we work in your cells so that you will be in the best of shape in order to ascend. All of you are very impatient to go through this journey, this first journey, but there will be some others, as you know.

My children, welcome to the Kingdom of Love. Welcome to joy, happiness to meet your guides again, your families, your friends.

Shh! I speak too much.

I love you.

I am with you every day, every night. 

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