A warm Welcome to this website. We have included in its original frame a few channelings translated in English. We will do our best to carry on submitting new translation to you. Thank you !

Through our Light Beings and intergalactic beings’ channellings, the following pages are giving an outline concerning mainly the Ascension, humanity and our planet’s future.
Those teachings are complementing the numerous communications that have been received for quite a few years now.

It is important to avoid focusing too much on the sensational facts described throughout the messages and to consider the whole of the teachings given by the Light Beings.
We can live through The Ascension everyday when we open our consciousness, when we overcome the obstacles that are helping us to grow, if we manage to consider them like the steps of a large staircase.
  A word from our Friends :

This site is not an ordinary one.

We, Light Beings, are completely approving its designers, the Love Workers TDA (Travailleurs De l’Amour) – Dawn Messengers (Messagers de l’Aube).

Together, the Light Beings and the Love Workers TDA, we are turning this site into a work tool so that more and more people get to know the lights towards which God is calling us.

Everyone of us is able to be what his soul wants.

Everyone of us is able to become Love again.

Everyone of us is able to get along very well.

The new era is coming very near. There are only a few years left for you to get ready for those great changes.

Please read those teachings we have prepared for you.

Every event of our life has been prepared ahead so that we can let go with our past.

Thanks to the gateways that have been open between Heaven and Earth, you will be supported to raise.

Be confident regarding the future.

You will find throughout those pages what you need to hear to change the caterpillar into a butterfly.

Join the TDA groups and you will realise you are not alone in your peace and love quest.

Have a good time among us.

The Light Beings

  You can copy or share copies of those texts provided that: The texts are not cut. Their contents are not modified. You refer to our website: http://www.lumieresdelaudela.com
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