The vortex at Riambel
A  place with an elevated source of Energy, A healing centre for body and soul.
A brief introduction about the Vortex of Riambel, Mauritius.

The vortex is found in Riambel, a small village in the south of the island of Mauritius. Energy  with intense vibratory levels flow there. Borbered by  filaos, this place is a bit isolated and in a precise area one can feel this wonderful and porwerful energy vibrate.
This is a period appropriate for change. The vortex found in Mauritius is the first to be active (thirteen others will be found on Earth). The cosmic energies which are found there will help with these changes taking place as much for the planet as for the humans.
The Vortex : healing center for the boby and upliftment for the soul of human beings.
The energy travels in spirals through the vortex regulating the energetic disbalance within those who sit there for at least twenty minutes.
This  rapid  balancing of  energetic circuits, chakras and meridians, will get the physical body to react and very often mild symptoms such as fatigue, vertigo, uneasiness, migraine, might be felt without any serious consequences though when one leaves the vortex .
In the case of more serious physical or psychological ailments more specific treatment can be targetted on the vortex .
Benevolent mediates will be at your disposal in order to guide you in your quest for harmony and health. It is the celestial physicians that help you heal  ( some  call them  angels, guides or by many other names . You will also be helped and inspired  so as to better understand the reason behind your illness or your lack of energy .
Entrance to the vortex gives another dimension to the being. In many cases symptoms of another dimension such as the head might spin a bit ( this is the most frequent symptom ) but it is very mild and not at all  inconvenient. This is an indication that the soul of the patient is open to this force for its purification and its liberation. On the vortex it is not important where  you want to sit to meditate as the spiral energy goes though the whole surface .
Even if a crowd wants to sit  on the vortex everyone will benefit equally of this energy and it will in no way be depleted. Contrary to other places  where the energy  has  to be recharged, here, the flow is constant  and permanent, transmutating the residues into neutral energies swept away by the force of the current.

It is a sacred ground
This sacred place is under the responsabilty of the TDA and is connected to absolutely no religion in particular. You have to  respect the place and have a heart full of gratitude for the beings of light who are present and who have chosen to  help the planet Earth and its inhabitants in a very tangible way. They assist in creating harmony and will intervene if ask for a more personalised treatment.   
The Center is open from 9 am to about 5 pm approximately .
This new form of intense Energy asks for some preparation and explanation. You will find benevolent mediates who will assist you in your healing during the opening hours. They are all benevolent and the treatments are free .
An edited manuscript is on sale at the centre to give you more information on the various activities going on in this place .
you can also order the book via internet (in french for now).

To order, please click here.

For further information  :
tel : 736 90 38
email : infos@lumieredelaudela.com


The vertuous properties of the vortex
The energies  which  circulate in this canal directly linked to the fifteenth dimension descend from the depth of the  Universe. The cascade flows into this tunnel  down to the other side  where there is a similar vortex.
These routes ( entrance -exit) are identical to that of Souillac as two  circles superposed  the one to the other. This energetic circuit is reinforced by its to and fro passage into parallel worlds also know as ''Pleiades''. So you can find a flux and a reflux in the same canal that do not oppose each other  because they form spirals that criss-cross touching intraterrestrial cities as well as other dimensions that are more elevated than the earth on the way. These pure energies come from the source, enrich themselves of particularities of various superior dimensions  to  that of  planet earth. This brings about  a vibratory upliftment  of the planet in general.
There are 7 circuits in all, so 14 entrances and exits, each with different vibratory caracteristics. Whether they are known or not does not change anything in making the planet earth ascend to the fifth dimension.
The activation will  be set up only  on  a period of about five years  stepwise. The one  in  Mauritius  will be the  first  active one. The details  for those following   will be given to you  as the Divine plan   is carried  through. Simply be aware that  the one which will be fully active  in July 2007  will serve  as an example  for the  concept   of the opening of the ones following. For the moment it is not important  to know  its  corresponding   connection on Earth. I prefer not to have you  miss  out on anything and  will advise you in due time .
These energetic spirals  pass through the Vortex and  rapidly settles the  problems of  energetic  disbalance  in those who  stay on the vortex for at least  twenty minutes. It must be stressed out that  during  a rapid  balancing  of energetic circuits, chakras and meridians, the  body  which is not in harmony  with this eqilibrium  is  going to react. If  you  have  symptoms such as  fatigue, vertigo, migraines, uneasiness  when you come out of the vortex  listen to your body  which will tell you  if you have to  leave  it in the hands of  the celestrial doctors  to be revitalised  or for them to operate on your  physical  body. This is where they intervene.
Inspiration  during the healing of our celestrial  assistants  will enlighten us on the  reasons as to  why  we are  sick or weakened .Its  up to you alone then to take  care of your well being  by letting  go of the weights that are  getting you down . (check out " Universal  Therapies " ).
Being on the vortex gives another dimension to the being. In most cases there are symptoms of another dimension, such as slight spinning  of the head which in most cases is not at all unpleasant and which is an indication to the patient  that his soul is open  and is accepting the flow of energy for its purification and its liberation. The  precise place where the  person  in meditation is placed is not of importance as  the Energy  irradiates  throughout the whole surface . 
Silence is to  be respected  in this sacred  area   and hearts should be  filled with gratitude for the beings of light  who are present  and ready to help  if asked .
Even if several people are found simultaneously on the vortex the  Energy is no less. Contrary  to  certain places  which have to be recharged in Energy, here  energy  flows permanently  transmutating  the residues of neutral Energy  swept by the  force of the  current. Energy going into the ground  goes in a clockwise direction whereas the Energy coming out  is always  anticlockwise .

Don't hesitate to visit the Vortex and experiment for yourself.

God bless you

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